The clients I represent are a diverse group, from all social backgrounds. The one thing they have in common is that their lives have been shattered by the fault of another, whether it is negligence in the operation of an automobile, a defectively designed or manufactured product, or medical negligence. In some cases, someone may have been injured at work, even if nobody was at fault.

Understanding Insurance Companies

    Often, people do not know how insurance companies operate. In a liability situation (the Defendant was at fault and you were injured), the insurance company will often try to contact you immediately. The adjuster will want a "recorded statement" to support your claim. Giving this statement without the advise and presence of an attorney could seriously affect your claim since adjusters often will subtely phrase their questions in such a way that your claim is minimized. They are trained to do this. The insurance company's goal is to minimize the amount of money they pay out to you, not to take care of you. The insurance company is not representing you or looking out for your interests.

    The interest of the insurance company is to collect as much money in premiums as it can, and to pay out as little to victims as it can. It tries to accomplish this by training all of its employees on how to treat victims in order to minimize claims. You should have someone on your side who is trained to combat those tactics and seek fair compensation.

These are the reasons it is important for you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after you have been injured.

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